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Exit Interview solutions using ExitPro for Small Businesses

Small Business

 In your small business, every employee impacts your bottom line. When an employee separates, people feel the difference. Conduct exit interviews to capture their feedback.

Exit Interview solutions using ExitPro for medium sized businesses


Mid-sized companies have similar challenges as large firms and fewer resources to retain key employees. You may provide a more personal company culture, but employees want “more” opportunities.

Exit interview solutions using ExitPro for large businesses


Large organizations compete for top talent at every level. Employee turnover costs millions of dollars every year. ExitPro pinpoints the root causes to reduce employee turnover with exit interview surveys.

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Explore Frequently Asked Exit Interview Questions. Get answers about the best Exit Interview software.

Why do organizations outsource exit interviews?

Companies outsource exit interviews so that HR can prioritize high priority projects and move HR up the value chain. We no longer want HR in the “survey making” or “survey sending” business. HR belongs in the change-making business. A third-party exit interview company conducts the exit surveys, gathers the employee feedback, and analyzes the exit interview results. This streamlines the exit interview process and accelerates weeks to months for HR to implement organizational change. Companies also hire exit interview outsourcing to conduct live voice interviews to capture the most honest insights that a company cannot gather on their own. 100 out of 100 times an independent third party gathers feedback that is different from what was gathered internally. Creating a sense of distance between employer and employee, allows staff to feel confident there will be no repercussions in speaking freely and openly in their exit interview.

What to expect from an exit interview company?

An exit interview company creates a safe space for separating employees to share honest answers to exit interview questions. You should expect an efficient and secure process protecting confidentiality (when required) and encryption of the data collected. Any exit interview software would share their privacy and security protections to ensure data integrity. A good live voice exit interview company trains their interview staff to bring an unbiased perspective, enabling employees to be open and honest.

What do the best exit interview companies do?

Leading exit interview companies collect and conduct effective exit interviews with strategic exit interview questions within a few days, versus weeks or months it can take to launch an in-house program. Their questions are validated and benchmarked to solicit rich feedback, improve accuracy, and compare (both quantitative and qualitive) insights across your industry. The best exit interview companies analyze demographics differences, report on, and prioritize actionable insights which the employer can use to implement improvements or leverage strengths. By accelerating the time for an employer to surface root problems and translate questions from exit surveys into insights, organizational change is achieved faster.

How do we use exit interview feedback?

If used correctly, exit interview feedback improves the company culture of those who remain. Applying Exit Interview reports reduces staff turnover which benefits both the company and its workforce. Good exit interview templates provide organizations with insights into both what is working well and what can be improved. Using this feedback to implement change produces more engaged employees, improves recruitment, and reduces employee turnover. It is most important to analyze and trend the findings from employee exit interviews. Exit interview reports can be sliced and filtered to answer questions like “What is the main driver of turnover among Salespeople?” or “Why are women leaving the London office?” or “Who quits more, Certified Nursing Assistants or Patient Care Techs?”. Being able to filter exit interview reports based on key demographics and organizational aspects opens a window inside the many microcultures that exist within a workforce. It also allows employers to isolate and address potential issues quicker or take more targeted action to get ahead of issues before they arise.

What is the best exit interview?

The best exit interview starts with communicating its intention and purpose. A separating employee must understand the reason for the conversation or the outreach. Knowing that it is confidential (if it is) and that there will be no repercussions, is imperative to the success of any exit interview or offboarding initiative.
Exit interviews are most effective when they are clear, simple to read, and designed to capture relevant responses. A great exit interview communicates the context well, asks exit interview questions that reflect the employee experience, and produces data that is easily analyzed and actionable from exit interview responses. Exit interview answers reveal what works, what doesn’t work, and pinpoints key challenges in the organization. The best exit interview provides a window into the employee experience to prioritize the most valuable areas to improve. Sign up for a free exit interview software trial.

What are the best exit interview questions to ask during an exit interview?

The best exit interview questions are questions that 1. Can be actionized; 2. Reflect the needs of the organization; 3. Surface breakdowns across the employee lifecycle (prior to their actual resignation, which is only half the story). Trained live voice exit interviewers will ask exit interview questions that answer why they enjoyed working there, why they want to leave, and what the company can change. A good exit interview company digs deeper and ask follow-up questions to get to the root cause of why an employee leaves. It’s important to use an exit interview survey that gathers both quantitative (single select and multiple choice) and qualitative feedback (open-ended) to address who, what, where, when and why employees are leaving. For a sample exit interview template, download this free exit interview form here.

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