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With ExitPro, the best exit interview software out there! You no longer have to schedule, coordinate, gather, process, input, translate, or report exit interviews. Ever again.

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Centralize and streamline exit interviews. One complete solution.

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Number of countries where ExitPro delivers exit interviews everyday


Total Exit Interview effort as low as fifteen seconds (zero with automatic option!)


Clients get up to three times higher completions rates


Reduce turnover by up to sixty-seven percent

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Exit Interview solutions using ExitPro for Small Businesses

Small Business

 In your small business, every employee impacts your bottom line. When an employee separates from your company, people can feel the difference.

Exit Interview solutions using ExitPro for medium sized businesses


Mid-sized companies have similar challenges as large firms and fewer resources to retain key employees. You may provide a more personal culture but employees want “more” opportunities.

Exit interview solutions using ExitPro for large businesses


Large organizations compete for top talent at every level. Employee turnover costs millions of dollars every year. ExitPro pinpoints the root causes to reduce turnover.

Member Turnover

Associations need to balance the type and quality of services that will increase new memberships, maintain current member renewals, and manage increasing complexity and cost.

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Senior Vice-President, Global Marketing Agency

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Director, Healthcare Data Firm

“I walk around with Retensa’s reports in my briefcase and refer back to it for everything we do.”

Training Director, Financial Services Firm

“It’s like showing fire to a caveman.”

Human Resources Manager


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