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Exit interview questions are the best way to gain genuine employee feedback and gain deeper insights into the employee experience and company culture. That’s why 92% of mid-size and large companies conduct exit interviews for at least some separating employees. ExitPro exit interview software has customized exit interview questions and templates in 21 languages for 50-50,000 employees. Download these exit interview templates to capture the motivational drivers of employees who quit and reduce turnover of those that stay.

Explore Frequently Asked Exit Interview Questions. Get answers about the best Exit Interview software.

What is ExitPro?

ExitPro is the most widely used online Exit Interview software and Exit Survey reporting tool in the world. ExitPro is scalable, secure, and currently used by organizations on 6 continents (we’re coming Antarctica) from 4 to 400,000 employees. You likely used a company’s products or services that use ExitPro.

As a turnkey system, the first exit interview question can be sent in 4 minutes. Or customize with exit interview experts to predict why your best employees leave.

People who use ExitPro often use words like “Cool” and “Wow, that was easy”. When is the last time your HR software did that?

What are the benefits of using ExitPro?

Speed. Flexibility. Analytics.

SPEED: Rely on validated exit interview forms to be up and running in 4 minutes. ExitPro provides several reliable templates of exit interview questions that increases the likelihood that you get accurate and true responses.

FLEXIBILITY: Or…Customize your exit interview questionnaire. Customize your report segments. Customize your messaging. Customize your dashboard filters. Customize your brand. It’s intuitive exit interview software that requires no additional directions, no extra set-up or downloads.

ANALYTICS: 12 Turnkey reports with thousands of customizable options. And schedule instant automated delivery of exit interview questions, reminders to employees, and gorgeous reports to leadership.

How can I see a demo of ExitPro?

Contact Us to schedule a demo of ExitPro.
Or get a free 5 Exit Interview Trial right now, you can just sign up and start using it too.

How does the free exit interview trial work?

ExitPro offers a free five (5) Exit Interview trial. If you are done after 5 exit interviews are complete, you will not be charged one peso, penny, or pence. You are charged only when you upgrade from a free to a paying account.

Where do I buy ExitPro?

You can buy Basic, Plus, or Enterprise exit interview software online here using a credit card during or after your trial.
If you want ExitPro Enterprise (1000+ employees) or Ultimate (5000+ Employees), we encourage you to contact us so we can provide integration, automation, customization, and exit interview vendor billing. Be daring…call us…real people will answer!
When you do buy ExitPro, there is no long term contract. Almost all features are available online instantly when you signup. Or just call us, we actually like doing this.

Which version of ExitPro do we need?

The exit interview software levels were packaged to fit what organizations of common sizes typically need. Start there, you can dial up or down if you need.

ExitPro Basic is for small businesses that only do occasional exit interviews. Start sending in 4 minutes, it’s fast, it’s easy.

ExitPro Plus is ideal for mid-size firms with 100 to 500 employees that need more flexibility and want more powerful exit interview reports.

ExitPro Enterprise and Ultimate are enterprise-class applications built for the needs of organizations with over 1000 employees. You can leverage advanced automation for HR departments that want to streamline offboarding, need multiple surveys, or foreign languages.

You can contact us too, or learn about all the exit interview software features here.

What are the system requirements for ExitPro?

There are 3 system requirements to use ExitPro:

1. Connection to the Internet
2. An e-mail account
3. A web browser

ExitPro is a web-based application, and any operating system with a recent browser (past 24 months) of MS Edge, Safari, Firefox, or Chrome will work.
Required Browser Settings: Your default settings are probably fine. If things act weird or don’t seem responsive, try to upgrade your browser and check the following settings are enabled:

  • JavaScript Support: Required for basic functionality of ExitPro, you must enable JavaScript in your browser to use ExitPro.

  • Dynamic Content Support: Required for displaying some information, often in reporting.

  • Cookie Support: Required for storing basic account settings and options. You must enable cookies in your browser to use ExitPro.

Can ExitPro be used by Android/iPhone/Mobile users?

Yes, yes, yes. ExitPro’s exit surveys can be seen/taken on any mobile with access to the internet.

As an administrator you can send exit interviews by mobile, but it is more fun to use a full screen browser.

Are prices fixed per month or are they calculated per exit interview?

A simple fixed rate for all paid ExitPro plans. Get unlimited exit interviews for the same price no matter how many you send.

ExitPro pricing is based on the features that you want and how many users login, not on the number of employees or exit interview surveys sent.

If you have 25+ employee separations per month, call us. We can help lower that.

What's the deal with ExitPro Promotion Codes?

First, ExitPro pricing is very standard. We never liked the idea that some people pay less for something because they can find coupons better than we can. Second, most of our partners want to know when their clients signup, so many codes are just for that. Third, when we have promotions it’s for small upgrades, or especially for non-profits or educational institution discounts. 

The price you pay is the price that everyone pays.

We think that feels better than saving $5.

How secure and reliable is the ExitPro platform?

We take security very seriously. All browser sessions are protected using double-hashed password authentication and 256-bit SSL data encryption. We comply with transmission and storage requirements of personal data in support of both U.S. Privacy Shield and GDPR standards on data privacy and data protection.

Our network infrastructure is both robust and protected, consistently exceeding 99.99% uptime in each month of the last 10 years. We built redundancy into many levels of the cloud-based system, so that if anything goes down we have spare resources and your files are available. There is redundancy in the physical cloud infrastructure (power, air conditioning, switches, routers, bandwidth providers, application boxes) and in our software (snapshots of the data, mirrors of the database, clustering, multiple instances, etc). Data is copied to encrypted snapshots and also backed up to encrypted archives. An enterprise class firewall protects the servers, which are housed in a secure climate controlled datacenter.

International clients can choose domestic data warehousing if their security requires it in the following countries:

Australia, Bahrain, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, United Kingdom, & United States.

What kind of 'Customization' and exit interview 'Outsourcing' can you provide?

For the Enterprise or Ultimate option, we recommend leveraging our exit interview experts with Customization. You can get us to compose 2 or 4 different exit interviews (ask us why that helps). You can have years of historical exit data loaded for you. You can customize your departments, business units, locations and reports. And (this is the cool part) we can process map your entire exit interview workflow and integrate every task for you. On day 1, your work load is cut to 15 seconds per separating employee. Seriously? Yes…15 seconds, clocked. All you do is select the employee and the separation date, and we take it from there. If you get HRIS Data Integration, it takes 0 seconds. Fully automated triggers, no login, 100% automated.

Whoa, this is getting interesting, tell me more…

Exit Interview Outsourcing means that we oversee your entire Exit Interview process. We confirm resignation/termination, and use a combination of web-based, SMS text, and live voice Exit Interviews to collect response data. If we call the employee (which we do in 6 languages) we enter that data into ExitPro for instant report access. We ensure that the people in your organization who need to take action when a person leaves (security, recruiting, IT, payroll, etc…) complete their tasks on time. You can move HR up the value chain and schedule reports to your Inbox automatically every week, month, or quarter. We also perform deep statistical data mining, exit interview question analysis, and turnover prediction modelling to unearth strengths, issues, and trends to leverage your data for actionable intelligence.

How do I cancel?

There is no long-term contract required.

If you have to cancel, just call us to deactivate your account and you will not be billed again. It’s your data, so you will have complete access to your data through the date that you paid to download/report/export as needed. Partial usage is refunded in cases of upgrading your plan, and your credit is fully applied to the upgrade.

Can I change exit interview plans at any time?

Yes, yes, yes, and it is easy if you…

1. Login and click on [Settings] then [Accounts]
2. Click on the Upgrade option that you prefer. Your setup charges will only be the difference between what you paid and the current fee. If you have a quarterly or annual credit, then the pro-rated amount will be applied to your upgrade. That’s pretty cool, right?

Where does ExitPro operate? or...What countries / languages are supported?

ExitPro is the most widely used Exit Interview Software in the world. Exit Survey participants live in nearly 60 countries, one of them you are likely in right now.

Exit Interview questions are currently translated into 21 languages, with capability of 72 languages, for example:

Arabic, Bengali, Dutch, English (British), English (US), French, French Canadian, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malayalam, Mandarin Chinese (Simplified), Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Spanish (Mexico), Spanish (Spain), Swedish, Tagalog, Thai, Turkish, and Vietnamese

What else do the people of ExitPro do? or...How can I get employee retention strategies?

ExitPro was created by Retensa, the world’s most recognized employee retention experts. Retensa combines advanced data mining with social science to predict and prevent employee turnover. Retensa reduced turnover for millions of employees at organizations in over 50 countries. You can click here for employee retention strategies from Retensa. Or contact now to talk to an employee retention specialist, or call (212) 545-1280 with your toughest question (don’t worry, they can answer it).

Looking for ExitPro help?

Users can log in to ExitPro to view the all support options in the upper right of your site.

An interactive User Guide is available at all times for every ExitPro plan. Additional help is integrated into ExitPro with context-sensitive green Info Bar at the top of every page, and Tool Tips conveniently placed throughout the application. There are How-To videos with step-by-step instructions and screenshots for every major feature or function.

Or you can contact the exit interview signup team here.


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