Dear visitor,

Let’s be honest.
You are visiting us right now to improve your company. You are probably looking to capture employee feedback or report better insights. But something is not working.
The treadmill keeps running. You still hire, rehire, retrain, and replace staff all the time.
We both have a bigger issue to deal with: Your employee turnovers.

By our calculation, employee turnover is a huge cost to your success.
It causes strain, distraction, and stress on you and your team.
A manager in London makes a mess, and you have to clean it up.
Then deadlines are missed, overtime goes up, and quality drops.
When we lose good employees, or hire bad ones, we lose the knowledge, relationships, and skills that would have, should have, improved our organization.

Retensa’s goal is to attract and retain the people that move an organization forward. So far, we are delivering solutions in over 40 countries and in 12 languages.
Now I want to do that for you.

To achieve our goal, we want you to hold us accountable.
That’s why we offer a guarantee.
If you can’t send an exit interview in 4 minutes or less, we will do it for you, free.
If we fail to get feedback, we will give you another, free. It’s risky. But the alternative will cost all of us much more.

Once your organization attracts and retains who you need to achieve your goals, your employees are more engaged, inspired and 32% to 48% more productive.
The right people, in the right jobs, at the right company.
At every company.

Can you imagine that?
Every employee where they want to be. Every employee doing well. Every employee, making a difference.
How would that impact your company?

So choose ExitPro, with a 4 minute guarantee. And get all of us behind you, with an unprecedented commitment to your success.
Call us now, and begin the transformation.

Chason Hecht
CEO, Retensa

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