Associations are a unique entity that develop their affiliation with members into more than a typical customer relationship. Members identify with, and align to their Association in a deeper way than a product or service they buy. As a result, Associations must be able to balance the type and quality of services that will increase new memberships, maintain current member renewals, and manager ever-increasing complexity and cost. Unfortunately, some members reassess the value they receive from an Association and choose not to renew. Knowing and meeting the needs and wants of your members will both highlight those aspects of value that they cannot live without, and it can help attract new members by surfacing members hidden values of membership. Use member exit interviews to gather feedback on why your members are leaving and what you can do to prevent future separations.

ExitPro can help your Association:

ExitPro can provide you with detailed analysis on the benefits that members value most and therefore, are willing to pay for. You can use statistical measurements and tools to track the success of any growth initiatives and forecast membership trends. ExitPro helps you save time and money so you can focus on providing your members with what they need. ExitPro for Associations is unique, so contact us to discuss options available to you.

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